Thinking Before You Vote – the most Difficult Concept in the World

October 27, 2012 at 8:49 am (The Serious Stuff) (, , , , , , , , )

Before you head out to vote – THINK AND learn. NOT just from these random Facebook posts, not from the blurbs each side likes to say are the whole story, NOT from blaming a president for things that are quite technically out of his jurisdiction and control and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, but actually FIND OUT THE FACTS.

Yes, this means you are actually going to have to do some- gasp– intellectual research.  It means you are going to have to read up on the roles of the presidency, what he can and cannot do. It means you are going to have to read HISTORY so you stop laying blame whete blame does not exist. It means tyou are going to have to listen to hours of transcripts and read hours of transcripts from BOTH SIDES to find out what they are really saying and doing.

But I know that’s way too much work for most people – it’s easier to buy into bullshit spoon fed to you than it is to actually do the work and finding out the facts, from local politics to national.  It’s easier to be told what to do. It’s sooo easy to buy into the fear mongering. It’s easier to mindlessly follow along like sheep, to follow people who, honestly, are trying to change the country and not for the better – and this is on both sides of the fence.

LEARN the bedamned facts and decide if THIS is how you want the future to be. THIS is much more important than if your child’s school has to share a music teacher with another school next year. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE- YOUR social security, YOUR medical care, YOUR right to have children as you see fit, YOUR right to keep your belongings, including your microwave.  (Wait, you think the last one stupid? YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION AND I”M TALKING DIRECTLY TO YOU!!)

So pay the fuck attention folks- maybe a swear word used will help. This country is screwed, and it is up to us, as the PEOPLE, to use our rights – rights I know most have no clue about because they failed to pay attention in junior high history class- to keep this country from getting more fucked.

Pay attention, be prepared, be EDUCATED, and once again, time to vote the lesser of two evils.  I’m all for independent candidates, but if no one hears about them, it is indeed a wasted vote- Stick with the major candidates this time, and if you want your minor candidate to be president in the future, start making them VERY well known.


I could have written this in the 1960s. In the 1940s. Isn’t it the saddest damn thing that I STILL have to write this TODAY??


Stop being ostriches – pull your heads out and LEARN.


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