Why Are you Talking to Me Now?

June 7, 2013 at 12:45 am (The Serious Stuff) ()

So my 30th high school reunion is coming up. That’s nice. The one event I may go to, but the other is ridiculously overpriced and will likely be disappointing.

But this new phenomenon is happening, and I kinda blame Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Facebook. I have my friends from all the different aspects of my life, I have pages for my business and my homesteading blog on there (yeah, shameless pimping – what of it?)  I can keep track of upcoming events.

But now, I have people who I don’t even remember trying to add me to their friend’s list. Dude, you weren’t my friend in high school, you weren’t my friend in college when so many of our graduating class ended up at the same college, you haven’t been my friend since. It’s not like my parents up and disappeared; they even kept the same phone number for over 15 years after we graduated.  I certainly didn’t hide.  I even live within 15 miles of our old hometown. My son even went to high school at the other high school in the area!

Granted, I did reconnect over the past several years with friends via Facebook – but these were people I knew, spent time with both during and after high school – for some of us, we drifted apart after college.  After all, we moved to the midwest for 13 years ourselves.  Other people -we’ve been friends since we were 16.

So what’s so damn special about me that you suddenly have to try to be my friend now, especially the folks who live right over here? I’ve run a business in this town, I’ve lived and worked in this town again for 6 years now.  My name has been in the newspaper along with my picture.  You could have found me any time.

What makes this reunion so damn special?

I’ve not become Facebook friends with these people.  I’ve not even been inclined to pull out the yearbook to figure out just who the fuck they were. Hell, some of them may have even been bullies I wanted nothing to do with back then, and don’t now.

I guess it may be because I don’t view high school as some of the best times of my life. I wasn’t – not even close.  College was awesome, meeting and falling in love outshines that, the births of our children and all the aspects of them growing up – these were better than high school.  My daughter has graduated college, and soon, my son will get married.  Awesome times yet to come.

I guess I’ll just have to say I don’t get it and leave it at that.


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