How the Parties Switched sides – a bit of Politics for your Day

July 17, 2018 at 2:34 pm (Uncategorized)

First – there were TWO Democratic parties – the Northern and the Southern. The Northern was pro slavery, pro fugitive slavery act, pro all citizens – foreign born or native born.
The Southern Democrats were more focused on things like trade, farm and agricultural interests, and were very much PRO slavery, even more than their Northern party members.
Both North and South Democrats were pro slavery, and anti government.
The Republicans were PRO federal expansion of powers – more legislation, not less. Pro transcontinental railroad, pro universities. pro education, pro federal programs to help the needy. Pro social justice, they were ANTI slavery.
William Jennings Bryan was the one who started the change over. He wanted a social justice with expanded governmental powers. Best of both worlds? Or combining his two favorite parts – who knows besides him. In case you don’t know who he was, he was Secretary of State 1913- 1915. In a position to be influential.
So by the time we hit the Great Depression, thanks to Bryan’s influence politically – before and after is tenure in office – BOTH parties are advocating the EXACT SAME THINGS.
So why? Both parties wanted control over the expanding post Civil War West. Whomever controlled the West, won the world, so to speak. And the folks in the west? They wanted social justice, but they also wanted the government to back up off of their business. They wanted NEITHER party.
So to win, the Republican party started advocating for LESS governmental interference in daily lives, less government in general. Which meant, by the Great Depression, LESS social support.
By then, Roosevelt was running as a Democrat, vowing all sorts of social support systems, formerly done by church or charity groups only, as part of the national federal government.
So all the things conservative leaning folks now claim to hate – Food stamps, welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, the national parks system, came about during that time. And with it, a great deal more governmental agencies and interference. The Democrats also created the 40 hour work week, child labor laws, etc – all things to protect the people.
And then throw in the influence of the big names and big money – who of course were all for LESS government, because that meant they could run their businesses as they wanted, and not as the federal laws said.
So, that’s where we are today – Republicans, who used to be ALL about as much government as possible, switched tracks, and now want to do away with all these programs and limit government, because their big money backers would love to take thing back to the turn of the 20th century. They have become the conservatives when they were literally the liberals, looking to free all people.
And Democrats, who used to be all about free enterprise, slavery, do what you can to get rich and who cares about the people on the bottom. are now the group that advocate for the working class – and advocate for more and more governmental control. And the Democrats have become the liberals.
This is not saying either side is right – it’s saying – THIS is how the change over happened, and that they are NOT the parties they were in Lincoln’s time.

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It’s been a while…

July 15, 2018 at 3:01 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s been a while since we’ve been here, so we’re going to brag.

We did real well at the County Fair this year.

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A Little Eloquence for the Day

September 1, 2017 at 11:49 pm (Random Thoughts, Uncategorized)

The question-
I get the impression that a lot of people can live normal lives without being witches. So why one would actually choose to be a witch and practice witchcraft is a puzzle. Especially if they are agnostic!

The answer –
Why not? If my little push of energy directed toward my flock, let’s say, helps keep them healthy, productive and safe from predators as they range the back field, shouldn’t I do that? Shouldn’t I use all the means available to me to have the best farm/homestead i can have?

If it helps keep the seams solid on the quilt, the tomato plant yielding an especially good crop, the creek clear, the animals and the humans healthy, why not? A bit of energy – magic, if you will – into the food in the pot, the thread on my needle, the wool on my spindle- it’s just another tool to use, as much as a farmer’s almanac, that needle, a shovel, a fence, physically walking in the creek and picking out trash.

Being able to walk out in the field and know and feel that all around you is at peace, and that everything that lives there – seen and unseen, is contented with your human intrusion – that’s a peace most people don’t know. And that they long for.

And if you want to take a religious angle – the gods are all out there in that field, the woods beyond, in the depth and darkness of the kudzu draped trees. The green man is there – his abundance shows. the gods are there in the contented cluck of the hen foraging in the grass, the burble of that creek, the very small ancient dog dozing in the sun, the grapes ripening on the vine, and now, in the juice of those grapes in jars on my counter. They are in that same old small dog currently asleep on my lap, the man sleeping in the other room, the wood of this table, the words I write.

It’s not my place to say if gods exist or not. I do believe if they do, that they get the worship they need out of my care for the land, the animals, other people, my handwork.

But if you’re given a tool that works – why ignore it for something less effective? That’s just foolish.

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Charlottesville was my Fault

August 14, 2017 at 1:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Source: Charlottesville was my Fault

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January 29, 2017 at 8:09 am (The Serious Stuff) (, , , )

This Donna Hylton crap – she has been as a reason to invalidate every other person who marched or supported the march. Like her sucky assed bullshit past rubs off on them like wet paint. It doesn’t.
It’s like saying you can’t support civil rights because one black guy somewhere at some point in history hit white man.
Can’t support Native American rights because they fought back.
All Japanese – horrible, horrible people because of Pearl Harbor.
All Chinese – also horrible horrible people because they invented gunpowder.
All Russians- untrustworthy, because they used to be a Communist country.
I don’t even have to say anything about Muslims – we already know why they are all assumed to be bad.
No facts, just more divisive bullshit.
Are you not tired of the divisive bullshit yet – on the national level, on the local level, to the point of driving away family and friends, likely permanently? Isn’t there a point when you can let it go?
I’m not talking to anyone I know specifically, I’m talking in general to the world. I fully expect to be ignored.
No one said you had to like the woman – she’s not great, IMO, either. But her and whomever else you want to point fingers at for their choice of how the got the message across, every mistake they ever made, cause you don’t like the color of their hair, FFS, does not take away from the message.
It didn’t in 1848, it didn’t all through the 1960s, it doesn’t now.
And before you start comparing it and saying ok, the the message of the KKK is valid too.There is a difference. The difference of the one or the few vs the many. The difference of legitimate concern for the state of the country, for people’s rights. for the state of the world, vs as pure as possibly ale to be hatred against anything not just like you
Participation in the KKK or the Aryn Nation is being part of a group that was designed as a hate group – a hate for anyone not pure white, Christian. Putting on a pink hat and marching because you’re worried about how things will be in the not too far future for your children – not a hate group.

EDIT – I’ve just been told these are not the same, and that I am “unhinged”.  So I responded.

“Actually, it is. She was one speaker out of 20 some speakers and musicians, in ONE city. And yet she is being used as the example for ALL people who went to that event, no matter what city they were in, or where they were worldwide – because one of these events decided it was a good thing to let her speak. Stupid idea – on that we can agree.

But she is being used as the example of why you cannot trust anyone who marched or has shown support – from government leaders on down to the bagger at the local grocery.
Because a killer and a torturer supports this, EVERYONE who supports it is just as bad as her, so it invalidates everything they have to say.
It’s being used by the right and alt right media, buy people who don’t understand and don’t want to understand, and it’s been used by people we know – and I know you’ve been privy to those discussions. (the person whose thread I was responding to)
It IS the same. Historically we can pull out documents that say the black man is a violent savage because one day, a slave had enough and grabbed that whip out of his master’s hand and turned it on him. There lots of apologists for this before, during and even after the Civil War. These are not hard documents to find.
Just wander on down to southern Colorado and look at the foundations left from the Japanese internment camps in Granada. American citizens, most American by several generations, imprisoned for the actions of a country they’d never called their own.
Now, it’s social media jail for everyone with a differing point of view.
You know, being a white male is considered the best thing ever by Charles Manson – should we start treating all white males as if they were anathema because of his bullshit? I say no, So maybe, someday, people could stop treating everyone as if someone else’s bullshit is their bullshit because they support the same cause.”

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