Denver’s 2011 Zombie Crawl!

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After some serious stupidity (by someone else) with one of these photos over on Facebook, I’ve removed them to here.  Please note, that these photos were taken BY ME, and are my property under copyright laws, including DMCA.  If you want to share these photos, go ahead – but do so by giving me credit.  If you know someone in one of these photos and they want their name attached, please do let me know – I will happily do so, and send them a copy of the photo.

Why? Because these photos were taken to celebrate the fun and joy and creativity found in any zombie crawl.  There were some awesome costumes out there, and I loved seeing them.  These photos were NOT meant to sow hatred- political or otherwise –  and if you find anyone doing so with one of my photos(especially on Facebook), please let me know so that I can take appropriate measures.  If you’re unsure, let me know anyway, please and thanks!

That being said – please enjoy the creativity, the art and fun of a beautiful fall day in Downtown Denver on October 22nd, 2011.

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Welcome to my WTF Week – Part Two

February 15, 2011 at 4:33 pm (odd news, Random Thoughts)

Oh look, I’m already back.

The Chinese are creating “fake Rice” out of potatoes and PLASTIC.  You heard me, plastic.  Mmm, nutritious and delicious too!  But you can read about it.

I’m gong to go run about the neighborhood screaming “I’m a squid!” now.

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Welcome to my WTF Week

February 15, 2011 at 4:24 pm (odd news, Random Thoughts)

As husband says,  time to share so I don’t have an aneurysm.  So as I wait for places to open so I can talk to people,  I’m going to write this down.

My WTF week started yesterday morning as I’m watching the morning news and the ticker that runs at the bottom of the news  says “Colorado legislature looking to lessen the use of welfare cards at casinos.” What?  Ummm, how are they able to use it there anyway? I know, it’s like a debit card, so realistically, it can be used anywhere. But are people so stupid to NOT realize that it can be tracked? I guess maybe some people are, because later in the day the news was talking about how people are using their welfare dollars in vacation spots where they do not live.  I’m sorry, we both both work and we cannot afford to go to vacation spots. And unless someone else is paying for it for them, how are welfare recipients doing so???

Then, of course, I was doing taxes.  If that doesn’t make people go WTF, I don’t know what ever will.

Fast foward to later in the day, when my Facebook friend Jess, who is also  the Denver Zombie Examiner for (read her stuff, it’s good, funny and entertaining) posted this quote from something a die hard “Twilight” fan posted – Actually, I’m going to quote everything Jess posted –

 Today’s More-Frightening-Than-Zombies quote is brought to you by an actual teenage “Twilight” fan:
“edward only wanted to kill bella beacuse he was so attracted to her! obvioulsy you did not complete the books otherwise you would know why he wanted to kill bella!”

What in the deepest hells?  So we should want to kill those we’re attracted to?  Population wouldn’t last long that way, would it?  Junior sociopath in training, perhaps?  This line of thought just baffles me, beyond baffles me.  Though a good new term did come out of that thread – “IQ of DERP”.  I’ll be using that in the future – thanks!

Charlie Sheen and social use of Crack –  Somene I knew in college posted this article today.  Just read it. And don’t answer the door, it’s the aneurysm calling.

And to top the day, the day that just got started,  on the side bar on Facebook is an ad for a kitted apple cozy.  WTF????  Who needs a knitted apple cozy? Was this something thought up during the  never ending snow storms out east? If so, I’m sorry being housebound drove you insane.  Make a sweater for your kids, your neighbor you hate, for your dog, your cat, your pet rat.  Make a cozy for your teapot, but for your fruit???

I need to go sort things in the basement just to keep my sanity.

Welcome to WTF week – it’s only Tuesday morning – bet I’ll find plenty more to add to this as the day and the week continue.

I’ll be under the bed.

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The Oddness of The Morning

January 17, 2011 at 3:36 pm (odd news, Random Thoughts, Uncategorized)

Yes, I know it’s still morning.  It’s been morning for me for two and a half  hours now, and already the odd is piling up.  perhaps it’s my fault, perhaps I brought it on myself by posting photos of odd doll head art on my facebook page last night – just because I could.  Even if it’s my fault, I must share the odd.

I live right next door to BFE, in the mountains. Technically, this was originally a subdivision, meant to emulate any good little city subdivision, but meant for holiday and vacation cabins.Which is how my house started. But in time, people bought up the lots around their property, making most of the properties approximately one acre or larger.  For example, in the rectangle that makes up the roads around me, there are just two houses and over four acres.  So I have neighbors, they are just not right next door, looking in my window through their own windows.

I also have three dogs, and a husband that needs to be up very early on Monday mornings, thanks to his work schedule. I get up as well, get his breakfast and lunch made, get the dogs outside and fed, so forth.  So at 6 am this time of year, it’s dark. Very dark.  I let the dogs out closer to 6;30 am, and it was still dark, very dark.  they did their business and then started the ‘twilight bark”, which means I need to get them in ASAP so neighbors who actually have today off don’t get pissed that their sleep is interrupted by the whole neighborhodd being set off to barking. (Lots of dogs on this hillside.)

So I open the door to the dog run, which is at the back of the house. Two dogs are waiting at the door, the other is still at the far side, by the fence, having a morning itch.  Suddenly, she jumps up and starts barking. I tell her to stop, and then I hear it – a male toddler’s voice saying “stop it, stop it, go away!” in that annoyed tone that toddlers use when they are bothered but not particularly scared of something.

I walk out in the yard – it’s a warm morning for January –  and I look about.  None of the houses near me have any lights on, and here’s the big catch – none of my neighbors have toddlers. The nearest kids are in junior high and high school; everyone else is childless or their children are grown and gone.  Yet I clearly heard the voice of a male child about three or four years old.  In the meantime, my dogs are all in and upstairs, awaiting breakfast, and I’m standing there listening for any other sounds – an adult or older child talking to said toddler, the sound of doors closing on house or vehicle, even people walking on the dirt roads – and I only hear early morning silence – not even morning birds.

So let’s assume it was a human toddler – why were they outside so early? Why where they on my property? Because while sound carries out here, it’s not so well that I could hear a toddler from the next valley over.  (True, I can hear the peacock from the next valley over some days, but they are a damn sight louder than a toddler speaking in a normal voice!)  Where is an adult or at least older child?  Was this voice talking to my dog, or something else?

I stood out there a bit longer, listening, trying to see about. Then I went back to the door and turned out the light, looking around some more, as the darkness is finally getting lighter. Finally, I closed the door and went upstairs.

So what did I hear? Who did I hear? I doubt it was

the young two point buck standing in my front yard right now…or was it?

What did I hear that I wasn’t supposed to hear?

I’ve already seen something else odd – what else does the day hold? Should I stay in and wait for the odd to come to me, or should I go out in pursuit of it?

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Ghostly stories of Colorado’s History

October 29, 2010 at 3:36 pm (History, odd news) (, , , , , , , )

I’v been a busy beaver this month; I wrote thirty articles in October – yay!

here’s a comprehensive list – with links – to the many articles I wrote this month on the ghosts and haunted palces of Colorado, trying to keep a history twist to it all. 

Here’s a reading list of haunted history stories about Colorado that you might enjoy:

 Halloween, Haunting and History: the ghost tales of Colorado

 Haunted Colorado: Mr. Pierce goes a gambling

 Ghost Hunting Etiquette: how to properly treat historic sites

 J.D. Hidgepath, the most amorous ghost of the rockies

 The Ghostly Horsemen of Colorado – in two parts

Part One

 Part Two

 The demons of the Colorado Mountains

 Haunted Colorado: The Dragon in the Gulch

 Haunted Homes and Mansions throughout Colorado – in four parts

Part One

 Part Two

 Part Three

 Part Four

 The Ghosts of Sand Creek

 Haunted Schools throughout Colorado – in three parts

Part One

 Part Two

 Part Three

 Odd Places for Ghosts: Unusual Haunted Locations in Colorado

 Haunted Train Stations in Colorado

 The Ghosts on the Colorado Trains

 Ghostly Trains and Haunted Rails: The Ghost Train of Marshall Pass

 Ghostly Trains and Haunted Rails: Along the Denver, South park and Pacific Line

 The Benevolent Ghosts of the Colorado Mines

 The Tommyknockers of the Mamie R. Mine

 The many Ghosts of Brownsville – in two parts

Part One

 Part Two

 And in case you crave more reading on the ghosts and haunted places of Colorado before next year, here’s a book list:

 Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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