“Woke”: I Don’t Think This Word Means What You Think It Means

November 15, 2016 at 10:46 am (The Serious Stuff) (, , , , )

And addendum to the post of the other day, regarding safety pins.

If you refuse help from someone when you need it because they’re wearing a safety pin, you are not “woke”. If you use your situation as a weapon against others just trying to help, you are not “woke”. If you use your credentials as a writer, and your position in life to attempt to silence others who are doing their best to get out there and at least try to make things better, you are the furthest from “woke” as you could possibly be without crossing the lines into bigotry.

For those all offended by this idea of the safety pin, please explain how your lambasting, anger over your personal condition, and clear inherent distrust of those at least trying does a thing to make any of it better. You may not see the effort as grand enough, but this effort “matters to that starfish”.

Focus on being a better person yourself, and stop hating on those who are attempting to do the same.


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