Ok, this is funny – I didn’t even realize this page existed, so I’m going to change it and make it about me.  I’m a wierd person- I can crochet, knit, embroider, ribbon embroider, spin, weave, make hats of felt, straw and buckram bases, I can quilt, sew, cook, cut firewood, grow a garden and sometimes I dress funny, depending on the event. I paint ceramics and murals, and can run a pottery wheel and actually get a decent looking piece.  I’ve made jewelry, quilled, made toys, dolls, clothes, hats, you name it – if I haven’t made it, I’d probably like to try to someday. I’m a professional milliner, a freelance writer, an historical interpreter, a teacher and a nanny.  I even used to have a teaching license and teach in a real, traditional high school.

I have a great husband, three dogs of varying ages, seem to be killing off pet fish without meaning to (they’re actually rather old and dying of old age) and two children- one in college for interior design, the other in high school, taking culinary arts classes part of the day.

I live on a mountain and if anything, I want to move further into the mountains someday.  I’m not a spring chicken, but i’m not old yet – my family has a history of living well into their 90s.

I’m argumentative, opinionated, but comfortable with myself and a loyal friend. If I have it and you need it and I don’t need it, you can have it.  Some people like me, some people don’t – but isn’t that the way of it for everyone?

I want to have pet rats again some day – they’re very sweet.

I’m a new member of The Toy Society, so keep an eye out for one of my toys – never know when that will happen!

All in all, I am me.

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