June 29, 2012 at 12:45 am (The Serious Stuff, Uncategorized)

I hope my children understand that we tried to raise them to be able to be successful in the world, that we were not making mini versions of ourselves or what we wish we could have been – we wanted – and still want – them to be themselves.

As holders of worthless degrees myself, degrees people insisted we MUST get, I get this blog. Truly. As a former teacher and nanny of children helicopter parented near to death, I get this.

I only hope the author can see the value in herself, for herself – not as an extension of anything. I hope my kids see that too.

I’m proud of them for who they are.

The Phoenix and Olive Branch

Dear Baby Boomers and Generation X,

Quit telling us we’re not special.

Believe us, we bloody well know.

Earlier this month, Wellesley high school teacher David McCullough, Jr., delivered what was perhaps the world’s first commencement dirge to a crowd of teenagers on the first day of distinction many of them have ever experienced. Graduation from high school, he informed them, is a shiny induction to the hordes of mediocrity. McCullough even took it upon himself to remind the youth of their eventual funerals. (You know it’s a problematic speech when Rush Limbaugh loves it.) What parting words did the teacher have for those who survived his twelve-minute lesson on nihilism? The paradoxical exhortation to go forth and live extraordinary lives! Because, apparently, we can?

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