I’m compelled to blog about this

May 9, 2011 at 6:43 pm (Humor too funny to NOT share, Random Thoughts)

On a local forum I belong to there’s this guy.  He’s real good at stating non-factual “facts”, and just plain blurting.  Well, about a week or so ago, he got “incorporated” , supposedly.  And now he has this disclaimer posted to the effect that no one can quote anything of his ever anywhere in the universe.  Especially on this specific forum.  Sorry buddy – you signed the TOS, which clearly states that anything you post there becomes part of their property and public domain- standard forum TOS stuff.  So, of course, lots of people started quoting him as a way of poking the crazy.

I decided to have a serious conversation with him about it, since, as a part time writer of all things history, copyright is something I need to know.  he decided I was confused, so I posted copyright law, The DMCA, and so forth.  Amazingly, the topic of quoting on the forum is dropped.

Now he’s claiming people are quoting him in their blogs, and that he’s spoken with his REAL ESTATE attorney who told him how illegal that is, and how he’s going to sue several people in our community. A real estate attorney, cause, yeah, you know how much they focus on copyright law.

People are laughing all up and down this valley.

Sometimes, you just wonder about your neighbors.

So, now he’s been discussed in a blog, but not quoted, with no identifying factors except to those very few local people who actually read my blog and who know my real name – all four of them.  They’re also laughing.

Just…yeah.   Don’t ya just love some people?

I’ll await my summons and I’ll invite you all to come see the show.  Bring some cash, cause we gave another local the right to the consessions. You’re gonna want popcorn for this.

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