Things I’ve Made Recently to Sell

March 30, 2011 at 5:20 am (Best of the Best - My Favorites, Other Artsy Fun)

Since I’m looking for a way to earn more cash, and since I have a hundred and one craft items, I started making some things.  These first are huts/castles I just started crocheting for no real reason, just for the fun of it.


This was the first one. Simple enough, so I decided to get fancy on the next one.  Make it bigger, taller, add a tower.  that tower took a lot of time, I’m telling ya.

Here’s both of them together:

  So today, I got out the paints, assorting other things, and these clock shells that were left from when I took old clocks apart for their gears and springs.  I went outside and found the perfect stick, and using some mushroom birds, some dipped silk flower stamens, a bit of blue silk and a 1950s clock case, this is what came out of it.

 A second view, sans flash this time.

I have a bunch of stuff still on the counter, ready to be finished, ready to be put in my etsy shop along with some other things I’ve had finished for a while.

Come check out my shop and keep an eye out for new things – trying to post at least one per day. I do custom orders as well!


1 Comment

  1. Rozine said,

    Super cute clock! Great idea being resourceful with things you have laying around the house!

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