The Oddness of The Morning

January 17, 2011 at 3:36 pm (odd news, Random Thoughts, Uncategorized)

Yes, I know it’s still morning.  It’s been morning for me for two and a half  hours now, and already the odd is piling up.  perhaps it’s my fault, perhaps I brought it on myself by posting photos of odd doll head art on my facebook page last night – just because I could.  Even if it’s my fault, I must share the odd.

I live right next door to BFE, in the mountains. Technically, this was originally a subdivision, meant to emulate any good little city subdivision, but meant for holiday and vacation cabins.Which is how my house started. But in time, people bought up the lots around their property, making most of the properties approximately one acre or larger.  For example, in the rectangle that makes up the roads around me, there are just two houses and over four acres.  So I have neighbors, they are just not right next door, looking in my window through their own windows.

I also have three dogs, and a husband that needs to be up very early on Monday mornings, thanks to his work schedule. I get up as well, get his breakfast and lunch made, get the dogs outside and fed, so forth.  So at 6 am this time of year, it’s dark. Very dark.  I let the dogs out closer to 6;30 am, and it was still dark, very dark.  they did their business and then started the ‘twilight bark”, which means I need to get them in ASAP so neighbors who actually have today off don’t get pissed that their sleep is interrupted by the whole neighborhodd being set off to barking. (Lots of dogs on this hillside.)

So I open the door to the dog run, which is at the back of the house. Two dogs are waiting at the door, the other is still at the far side, by the fence, having a morning itch.  Suddenly, she jumps up and starts barking. I tell her to stop, and then I hear it – a male toddler’s voice saying “stop it, stop it, go away!” in that annoyed tone that toddlers use when they are bothered but not particularly scared of something.

I walk out in the yard – it’s a warm morning for January –  and I look about.  None of the houses near me have any lights on, and here’s the big catch – none of my neighbors have toddlers. The nearest kids are in junior high and high school; everyone else is childless or their children are grown and gone.  Yet I clearly heard the voice of a male child about three or four years old.  In the meantime, my dogs are all in and upstairs, awaiting breakfast, and I’m standing there listening for any other sounds – an adult or older child talking to said toddler, the sound of doors closing on house or vehicle, even people walking on the dirt roads – and I only hear early morning silence – not even morning birds.

So let’s assume it was a human toddler – why were they outside so early? Why where they on my property? Because while sound carries out here, it’s not so well that I could hear a toddler from the next valley over.  (True, I can hear the peacock from the next valley over some days, but they are a damn sight louder than a toddler speaking in a normal voice!)  Where is an adult or at least older child?  Was this voice talking to my dog, or something else?

I stood out there a bit longer, listening, trying to see about. Then I went back to the door and turned out the light, looking around some more, as the darkness is finally getting lighter. Finally, I closed the door and went upstairs.

So what did I hear? Who did I hear? I doubt it was

the young two point buck standing in my front yard right now…or was it?

What did I hear that I wasn’t supposed to hear?

I’ve already seen something else odd – what else does the day hold? Should I stay in and wait for the odd to come to me, or should I go out in pursuit of it?

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