And we placed under the category “Drunk Crafting”

October 3, 2010 at 3:35 am (Best of the Best - My Favorites, Humor too funny to NOT share, Other Artsy Fun) (, , , , , )

Yesterday, I spent a whole 45 minutes of my time making a hat for  Regretsy’s contest.  Today, we made the category of “Drunk Crafting” !

Here’s the scary part – I was totally SOBER the whole time. 

Scared yet?  Maybe you should be.  This is what happens when you run through the house and grab all the wierd crap you can in just 5 minutes.  And when your costruction paper sucks.

Here’s the links to the other categories, including the winners:

Honorable Mentions – Animals

Special Mention – Debasing Your Children

Runners Up – Duckface

Third Place

Second Place


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