The Power of the TRUE American Worker

July 29, 2010 at 9:37 pm (The Serious Stuff) (, , )

This isn’t a new whine, or whinge, or gripe – people have been complaining about illegal immigrants for decades now –  and to no avail – and you know why? I’ll tell you why.  Because Americans think they are too good to clean up their own shit – in a very literal way.  Too many of even the poorest Americans think they are above picking corn, cleaning a hotel room, working in a factory line. If this elitist attitude didn’t exist, then there would be no need to fill these jobs with people from another country who know that any job is better than no job.

Our grandparents who lived through the depression of the 30s knew that motto all too well. They carried it through and taught it to their kids, our parents. But our parents fell down on the job, or society did, or something, because we suddenly idealized the 80s yuppie as the thing to be, and working on a farm, or in a factory was not considered a good job anymore.  Forget that a factory worker STILL makes more money than a low level executive, even at the Fortune 100 companies.

Some people are crying out so loudly against illegals – tell me, how will YOUR personal budget stand up when suddenly you’re paying so much more for things like  food, tires, clothing, basically everything you buy – and I mean a huge increase, not just a few dollars, more like close to 400% increase. Are you going to cry then too? It IS what will happen, because those folks that do the crap jobs for the crap pay will be gone, and those employers wil be forced to pay at least minimum wage. They’re not going to be willing to let go of their profits either, so prices WILL increase.

When the American elitist attitude goes away, illegals will too – because they won’t be able to get jobs. And KNOWING that the jobs cut in the last few years are NOT going to come back, because the corporate execs do like their profit, this country and it’s people need to start embracing the agricultural and manufacturing jobs again, because they WILL be our only mainstay.

Now is the time to realize that any job can be a good job, and to stop treating people who make $9.00 an hour as if they are unfortunate, stupid, or lazy.  (And it’s even worse if you make minimum wage).  People with several degrees and loads of experience are suddenly finding themselves in these $9.00 an hour jobs – and liking it.  They have found that they don’t have the stress of the job anymore, they actually have more financial freedom, because their lives are no longer bound by aquisition of more and better. They are freer, more relaxed and happier, and most of them have something to show for their hours of work at the end of the day.

It’s a renewal of an old work ethic that most of us were taught, but so few remember.  Pride in your job, pride in yourself that has nothing to do with your pay grade. It’s something to get back to, for the sake of our country, our economy, and most importantly, for ourselves.  Time to once again celebrate that true american worker, the one who does his or her job with pride, honor and integrity, no matter what that job is or where it’s done. Time to honor the work our ancestors knew was necessary not just to build this country, but to keep it running. 

Because it IS the American worker that keeps this country going – not the elite and rich 3%, not Congress, or Senate or even state government, it’s the guy who made that tire on your car, the woman who cleaned those chickens for the grocery stores,  even the teenager babysitting his siblings so his parents can go clean offices at night. It is US – you and me – and we are also the only ones who can change our attitudes and opinions and bring things back right  for everyone we know.

You have the power – you too can be HeMan – get to it.

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