Ahh, Stick it in Yer Crafthole!

June 25, 2010 at 7:36 pm (Humor too funny to NOT share, odd news, Random Thoughts) (, , , )

As an ardent fan of Regretsy, and knowing several people who are making more money than ever thanks to being featured in the Regretsy book and on their website, I follow them on Facebook as well.

Today, Chris Gore flounced big time because his Etsy store got deleted – and he’s blaming it on Regretsy.  In reality, he should be blaming it right where the blame belongs – on himself.  Come on, man, just because you stick a couple of handmade “additions” (of copywritten materials, I might add) on your Toyota, it doesn’t make it worth $100k, nor does it make it “handmade”.  Sorry buddy, you broke Etsy guidelines.

But your major flounce on Twitter has indeed created a great deal of amusement, and a few more slang terms.

Crafthole – as in a dark place that has no light or air where really bad crafts and flouncing wannabe crafters can be lost for all eternity.

Craftholes – people who have the good sense to know that your work is not crafting.

Craftbag – not something to carry things in, no. A term used by a Facebooker to describe herself – and she’s proud of it too!

ARThole – to differentiate from being a crafthole – artholes tend to use the more expensive supplies in their work.

And Christine C. – I just have to quote you in full, because there’s no other way to say this better:

Crafthole…is that where all flouncers go? Kinda like getting sucked into a black hole but instead a crocheted tunnel bedazzled with rhinestones and Edward Cullen effigies that leads to a VBACer’s house who enjoys making dead dog art? Am I close?

Indeed you are, Christine.

I can’t overlook “e-peen”, nor “craftwhore” (wait, aren’t we all?).

Silence, your commentary is more than worthy of here too – wonderful use of the term “crafthole”:

“Shut yer crafthole.” “What are you doing this week? Oh, just craftholing around.” “What the living fuck is this craftholery?” “Dude, you just got craftholed!” “The few, the loud, the craftholes.”

This determined flouncing has even inspired some new T-shirts.  And Sorry, Chris Gore.  You may be “that” Chris Gore”, but you don’t get royalties – someone used the term before you did – Jessica McLeod.  If anything, I think you need to send that woman a quarter for the blatant misuse of her lovely term.

Oh, and Mr. Gore?  Don’t flounce so publically when you’re just going to put up a new shop immediately anyway – it makes you look like a real…crafthole. 

and just a postscript –  ChrisGoresLovespray? Is that really appropriate for Etsy?  Perhaps a better fit would be a shop linked to PornHub.com.

I finish as I started – with an eyeroll.

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  1. lkeipp said,

    And now you can get your “Crafthole” t shirts –

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