Mountain roadtrip on a hot day

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Today was unusually hot for up here, so spouse and I got subs from the local shop and headed up higher.

We headed up the road for Mount Evans – Here’s a view of the Continental Divide on the way up- Mount Evans itself is closed, but Echo Lake is there to see.  We stopped at the Echo Lake Lodge for a quick break, and then went to the end of the lake to eat our lunch.  Tons of people doing the same thing we were – heading up out of the sudden heat.

There were a lot of cyclists too – one guy decided that the double yellow line didn’t mean him – he almost hit us coming around a blind curve on the way up – luckily, *I* was paying attention and slowed, and he stopped messing with his pocket and got himself into the right lane.

Though you can’t really see it in this picture, the lake still has quite a layer of ice on it.

Echo Lake comes right up to the road – in this picture, you can clearly see the ice.

We continued on, ended up on Fall River Road, and found the towns of Alice and Silver Lake.  This is what is left of the original town site of Alice:

The Alice School house, which appears to be still in use.  that is a mine car out in front.

Other buildings that appear to be left from the original town of Alice.

Yet another cabin from the town of Alice.

We continued on up, and came to Silver Lake. You can see Saint Mary’s Glacier from the townsite, over the top of Silver Lake.

Yet another lake still full of ice!  Yet the creek running out of the lake is currently so deep, that unless you have a truck, you aren’t getting to the other side of towm. Thus dead ended, we headed back out, only to see this at the side of the road:

There it was, just hiding in the trees of this part of national forest.  I was baffled.  We actually turned around to get a picture of it.

Proof that there are still working mines:

Check out the tailings around and over this house – pretty typical for the area, actually.  You wanted to live on the property you were mining if you were unable to afford employees.

So off to Georgetown- here’s the bottle house. It also has a small one room store, filled with – you guessed it, bottles and other glass.

I found it so interesting, I got closeups of all the road side windows. I wonder if she has bottles and glass in every window.

We wandered about town a little – found a really great store. I was clearly the general store in the past – and so the plaque outside says – and the store is still being run as mostly a general store even now! The sign outside says “specialty foods”  but I was thrilled to find standard grocery items as well. When I spoke with the woman, she said it helps people out, keeps them from having to drive to Idaho Springs. (there’s no other grocery in Georgetown.)  It was very cool to see this display:

Sadly, the picture is kind of blurry, but it is a display of the old spices that haven’t sold – it was neat to see the old packaging.  And right next door is the second half of the store, filled with all kinds of products from the past, even back to the founding of the first store.  sadly, you can’t go in, but we peeked through the windows and took some pictures. there is even a unique ladder system on a roller attached to the ceiling.  I’m going to go back and see if I can interview the woman for an article, and get a real look inside the other half of the store!

 To end the day, we came back to town, had Baskin Robbins while watching the ducks and the mating dance of young teens across the creek, and then came home, tired out and slightly sunburned.

All in all, a wonderful day and a great escape from the sudden heat.


  1. kotev100 said,

    Very nice blog!

  2. Firefairy said,

    Keep writing entries like this and you’ll end up with another regular reader! 😉

  3. Kaessa said,

    Great pictures! I’ve never been up there, I’ll have to make the trip next time we go for a drive.

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