Being a professional writer

April 9, 2010 at 6:12 am (Random Thoughts) (, , )

I posted this somewhere else, but I liked it so much, I’m bringing it here too.

My opinion, for what it is worth – you want professional articles, then write professional articles.

Stay in your subject – it still happens a lot that people are all over the place. If you chose a narrow subject,then you’re stuck.

Write about things you know or have researched – for example, I don’t know Clara Brown, because she lived 100+ years before I was born. But I can sure go make myself blind at the microfiche machine in the library (a joke, it’s not making me blind, just a bit dizzy) and research her through other valid sources and books.

Go to the places you write about – I don’t write about the railroad in the winter because I just can’t get to the old townsites. But I will when the snow melts and mud season is over.

Detail – you can get a lot of detail on 400 words. Leave the fluff for college papers (kidding again – I never did that.. why are you looking at my nose?)

Don’t poach – don’t be lazy and take things out of other people’s articles, videos, etc – especially not word for word. If people can tell that you just rewrote someone else’s article, your integrity is gone as well – and you put the original writer in a bad light too. I’m not even going to mention the legal points – that’s all in your contact here. Besides, it really pisses people off – obviously.

You do this, you keep intergrity and you force others to up theirs as well.


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