March 13, 2010 at 6:27 am (Crocheting Fun) (, , )

It’s my new term – perhaps I made it up – for a new phenomenon.  It was started by these folks:  and the general idea is to make a handmade toy, put it in a bag with tags telling folks to take it home, and asking that they submit a photo of it when found.  It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes it does. So I got in on the act today, and toybombed.  I’m calling it that because I didn’t put out just one toy, i put out 11.

I had this basket of bookworms left from I ran a store just sitting here, and I thought they would be a lovely first run.  Knowing I was off to downtown (I got an unexpected interview for an article, so hauled myself out) I tagged the herd.  Here they are:

My first stop was the Evergreen Library; I had some books to drop off, so I hung my first one from the drop slot.  My next was dropped in McDonald’s in downtown Denver- I just left it behind after I had lunch.  I went to my interview, and hung the next one on the fence near my interview location.

The next bunch ended up in the Denver Public Library -One on the third floor catalog monitor, three in the children’s room, one on the book checkout machine, and one on a book rack mid hallway on the main floor.  The last two ended up in the parking garage – one in the stairwell and one in the elevator.

I kept waiting for someone to yell at me; it almost felt like I was doing something wrong or illegal.  But it’s neither wrong nor illegal to leave a toy for someone else to enjoy, so i’ll be doing more of it!

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