The bizarreness of the day…It started as a normal day, really it did.

February 2, 2010 at 5:04 am (Humor too funny to NOT share, Random Thoughts) (, , , , )

It started as a normal day, really it did.  I took the dogs downstairs and let them out into the dog run and noticed nothing except that someone had left a used kleenex on my newly cleaned floor (I’d cleaned it yesterday), picked it up and threw it away.  It wasn’t until later – and after numerous trips to the basement – that as I went toward the washer to start a load, I saw this:

My first response was bafflement, and then humor – he’s going to end up on top of the cabinet, but for now, I just shifted the pile of towels and left him there.

But that doesn’t end the bizzarre day – no, it’s only the beginning.  I leave the house on my way to run errands and go to work. All is good. I go to Staples and come out, and note, as I’m walking to my car, a piece of notebook paper on the ground, in sort of a half frozen puddle from the nearby snow melt.  On it, written in sharpie and somewhat feminine hand,  is written:

“Show us your boobs!”

I burst out laughing and regretted not bringing the camera with me so I could share it here with you all.  Here’s the more amusing thing- in that shopping complex, on the second floor, is a computer repair shop.  He runs a live streaming camera that is focused on the parking lot and feeds to our local internet forum.  It’s a really useful cam, at least to me, because often it snows there but not up here at my house. So it lets me see what’s up in town.

All I can conjecture is that some bored folks, viewing the camera, were hoping to get an eyeful.  Husband says he would have flashed them, but I somehow doubt that’s the result they were hoping for.  But it does make you wonder – it was 35 degrees here today – who’s going to flash anything in that weather?

Well, I was amused for the day- how about you?

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